The Friends

The friend of Blackhead group included

•local Maori – Peter Carter ( Cultural and historical values , as a food gathering area)

• surfers including – Rod Rust (Blackhead is a first rate surf spot and one of few that works in a north east wind)

•environmentalists – Sue Maturin

•Botanists – Peter Johnson

•Journalists – Neville Peat


Sydney MannSydney-Mann-violinist


6 Responses

  1. Nic as previously discussed i am certainly prepared to assist.


  2. What a ginormous f….p. It pains me everytime I see the once mighty headland slowly disappearing. I’m keen to help if needed.
    Steven De Graaf

    • hi Steven, yes its very painful.
      There will definately be action coming up on this matter, your help will be much appreciated. I will email you closer to the time, just have to deal with the Aramoana hearings first.

  3. Hi there,

    Over the years I’ve taken many photos of Blackhead. Happy to make these available to the group if they can somehow help the cause. Here’s a few examples:

    Let me know if you have a use for them and I’ll work something out.

    Also wondering if you are aware of any access down to the coast immediately to the north of Blackhead (i.e. between Blackhead and Tunnel Beach). I’m keen to get down there and take some more shots…




    • wow, you are an amazing photographer!
      thanks for the offer of images, do you have any pre 2005?
      Access issues, thats a place I really want to get in and photograph.
      I spoke to the quarry manager a few years back about doing a photo shoot from the inside of the quarry, I would have had to do a safety course before entering, but it would have been possible.
      I have just had so much happening, i have not had the opportunity to do so yet.

  4. Hi, no sorry nothing prior to 2009 (only moved to NZ recently)… Keep me posted if you do arrange anything with Blackhead. I’d heard somewhere that there was a ladder somewhere (possibly at the bottom of some of the private land to the north of the quarry), but can’t remember where I heard that… Cheers Simon.

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