• Brief History

    In 1985 Fulton Hogan had plans to mine the centre of the Blackhead headland site to 50 metres below sea level and then blast an opening into the ocean creating a safe boat harbour. Destroying the headland completely.
    The Friends of Blackhead achieved with negotiations with the Department of Conservation and Fulton Hogan the placement of a Covenant over an area of the headland in 1991 to stop the quarry spill destroying the rare basalt rock formations, the Roman Baths and Dock.

    A condition of the covenant was that the rubble covering the rock formations was cleared away, and further spill be redirected away from the protected covenant areas. After 18 years, this has not been carried out.

    To ensure the covenant conditions are fulfilled a public campaign has been launched to rally support through the reformation of the Friends of Blackhead, and to negotiate again with Blackhead Quarries and DOC to restore the headland treasures for the public to once again enjoy.

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Blacks backside now



New 2009 Google Earth Images


2006 Google earth Image on left – 2009 on right and below.



Second Gear

Above: Today looking from Brighton
Below: photo from yesterday… the rock breaker machine is fully into it with a few more bites out of the south face IMG_96312

A new gear

IMG_9518Looks like Blackhead Quarries are stepping it down another level, and have bugun cutting away yet another layer of the headland.