Possible Future


A – is from a photo taken in the early 1980’s – photo courtesy of Lloyd Godman, the red line above the headland traces the natural landfall outline.

The coloured arrows point to the same rock formations in all four visions. These photos are taken on slightly different angles, but still illustrate the picture.

B – is the headland in February 2009.

C –  A probable visual outcome of how the covenant can be preserved and mining can continue in the predicted volumes as close to the original intention as possible.

D – If it wasn’t for the groupFriends of Blackhead we may very well have ended up with this ‘artists vision‘ near the end of this century.  Note the 10metre high breakwater for the boat harbour as was planned in 1985.

This would have seen the disappearance of Blackhead headland altogether!  No more sheltered surfing there in the nor-easter.


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