DCC District Plan for Blackhead Quarries

DCC District Plan Rule 6.5.8

Scheduled Permitted Activities In addition to the activities in Rule 6.5.2, the following activities are permitted on the specific sites listed below:

(ii) Quarrying and aggregate processing situated at:

(b) Blackhead Quarry, as defined by Sec 3 Blk XIV Dunedin & East Taieri SD and Secs 153-155 Green Island Bush SD (CTs 255/200 & 255/278), except the area as defined by Conservation Covenant 779741/2. (xi) At Blackhead Quarry, extraction of material shall not occur on Sec 153 Green Island Bush SD and shall not occur within 100 metres of Blackhead Road on Secs 154 and 155 Green Island Bush SD. However, these areas may be used for quarry activities not involving extraction such as stock piling overburden. 14.5 Landscape Management Areas – Description The landscape values of Blackhead which is culturally significant to Manawhenua. The outer edge of Blackhead has been protected by Conservation Covenant 779741/

2. [Amended by C175/2001 (iii)Principal Threats to Visual Quality Quarries and Other Excavations: Inappropriate siting and scale of quarries and other excavations such that they become visually dominant focal points. (iv) Other Threats to Visual Quality Significant Natural Features: to be preserved Removal or diminution of significant natural features such as significant natural landforms.