1991 Covenant

In 1985 Fulton Hogan had plans to mine the centre of the headland quarry site to 50 metres below sea level and then blast an opening into the ocean creating a safe boat harbour.   In fact their ultimate plan was to mine a huge bowl, 50 ft below sea level with and 8- 10 ft wall around the perimeter which would act as a break water. Then on the north east side to cut an entrance that would flood the bowl so it could be used as a boat anchorage.

Eventually through negotiations with the group ‘Friends of Blackhead’ a covenant was drawn up with the Department of Conservation in 1991 to protect the outer rock formations, including the Roman Baths and the Dock.

This is why the large prominence remains untouched at the end of the headland, so spill does not fall down the slopes to the sea and ruin the protected rock formations.

pg1-1991p2 1991



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